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We believe in building meaningful relationships and providing personalized coaching to ensure your success. We NEVER take any of your revenue that you make from TikTok Live. We are here to help you grow and be able to make a living doing what you love. Learn more about all the benefits!

Diffraction Academy:
Unlock your creative potential with our all-in-one learning hub, featuring cutting-edge video lessons, exclusive resources, and insider insights to skyrocket your success on TikTok LIVE and TikTok LIVE Studio.
Discoverability Features:
Amplify your reach with enhanced discoverability features, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience.
Bonus Campaigns and Top-Tier Rewards:
Earn exciting rewards and participate in exclusive bonus campaigns that take your live streams to new heights.


Here are just a few of the great things creators who work with Diffraction say.

“Diffraction has been a positive supportive element to my growth as a creator and has opened up many new doors for me to explore opportunity wise! Can’t wait to see how this creator network continues to grow as a whole. If streaming ever becomes my full time career I feel it would never be a day of work for me. It’s as if it’s a lifestyle! A great day is a day to be on the stream seeing so many supportive friends!”

Fastest Mario64 Speedrunner on TikTok3 LIVE Spotlights75M impressions 215 days

“Looking back on 2023, I wish I would have taken the leap and joined Diffraction earlier. Joe reached out to me back in June and I put the invite on the back burner because I had no idea what amazing things Diffraction was capable of. The tools that Joe and the Diffraction team have taught me have honestly changed my life and it's created a ripple effect in the universe by allowing me to spread good vibes and impact all the people I'm able to reach and on a daily basis that I otherwise wouldn't be able to reach.”

10,000 -> 58,000 followers600K+ Viewers35K Watch Hours 127 days

“Joining Diffraction has shown me the power of making connections with viewers. As a creator so much emphasis is put on numbers. But really what matters is creating a fun experience for the person on the other side of the screen. In Pokemon terms joining Diffraction is like starting a new save file with a stack of rare candies! Diffraction has helped me form meaningful connections with viewers and build a thriving community by focusing on what works through analytics.”

6.5M impressionsFeatured in Gamer's LoungeTwo minute average watch time 226 days

“When I started creating content on tiktok and going live using TTLS I really had no idea how to do anything. I would have 1-2 people come in and that would be most of my 2-3 hour stream. Then Diffraction (Joseph) found me. I have been able to create a large community using chat-first techniques. I’ve also been able to hit the FYP more frequently using all the strategies that are talked about in coaching calls, provided in forums, and explained through actual meetings with a TikTok representative. I wouldn’t be where I am today without joining.”

375K Viewers6,250 watch hours100 subs 183 days

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Unleash your earning potential with additional monetization opportunities within the TikTok platform.
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Our dedicated team is here to provide support and guidance, helping you navigate and overcome any creator ban challenges.
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Gain early access to the Live Studio feature, empowering you to enhance your live streams with professional tools and effects.

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