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Mastering TikTok LIVE: The Power of Consistency, Viewership, and Engagement

Joseph Sottile

Whether you're just starting out or have established a community, we all have a similar goal: TikTok success! That success hinges on mastering three core elements: Consistency, Viewership, and Engagement. Let's delve into the insights gleaned from our trainings with TikTok's staff, combined with strategic data, to guide you towards making waves on TikTok LIVE.

Consistency: Why It’s Important

Your TikTok LIVE sessions are more than just moments; they're opportunities to be discovered by a broader audience. Consider the habits of TikTok users who typically check the app at specific times each week. Establish a solid foundation with 3-5 consistent days of going LIVE, but don't shy away from experimenting outside those times to tap into new audiences. Pro tip: Leverage the Analytics feature to discover when your followers are online (Creator Tools > LIVE Analytics >it's under Overview).

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